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Spin Off Your Content Into Short Video Bubbles

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I'm Alex Vachon, a filmmaker and director with 30 years of experience. In this course, I'll teach you to create compelling short videos using AI tools. Shorts and Reels are popular for capturing attention on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. If your quality content goes unnoticed, your content is not the issue, it's VISIBILITY. Join our course to craft captivating yet very short highlights, drive leads, and expand your content's reach. Learn narrative crafting, visual curation, and AI utilization. The Live class will be offered Saturday, September 16th, at 11 AM. I’ll take only a few students and will answer their questions during the session. If you can’t make it that day, no worries, the course will be recorded and sent to your inbox, plus you’ll have access to yours truly, and the entire Video Bubble community if you have questions or need to chat about video at large. Enroll now to enhance your content strategy and I’ll see you there!

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Community of Video Bubblers

Community of Video Bubblers

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