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Best Tips Practices for Posting on LinkedIn -> with Text & Video

After immersing myself in numerous videos created by successful LinkedIn content creators, I've distilled some key insights:

- The majority of LinkedIn users neither post nor engage with content.

- Only a small fraction of users post monthly or more frequently.

Regarding content types:

- Personal storytelling, thought leadership, events, user-generated content, third-party content, employee stories, and emerging trends are all effective.


Regarding hooks:

- The hook comprises 90% of your post's impact, so crafting a compelling written hook is crucial. Align it with the video title and promise what the reader will gain. A concise, impactful statement followed by a complementary or contrasting re-hook is effective.

For videos:

- Feature relatable individuals and create content that FEELS truly relevant to your target audience.


- Direct selling, as it may diminish visibility due to the algorithm favoring conversational content.

- Including website links to prevent posts from being marked as spam.

- Overuse of hashtags or tagging unresponsive individuals.

- Using automated pods, which can lead to account suspension.

Ultimately, the goal is to captivate viewers, encourage engagement, and prioritize quality over sales pitches. Videos are particularly effective in capturing attention and driving engagement, especially with the new, video-friendly LinkedIn algorithm.

-> Check them out 👍👍👍

What do you think, have you thought of using videos for your LinkedIn posts?

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