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If Steven Soderbergh does it for his feature films, why not for our Facebook ads?

Steven Soderbergh is a prolific and highly respected filmmaker, who has used iPhones to shoot his latest feature films, Unsane and High Flying Bird.

Even before the pandemic, I was attracted by the ability to shoot video content remotely, especially for testimonial videos (testimonial videos are one of the most impactful form of marketing vehicles because they combine authenticity, credibility and social proof).

But with the lockdowns and sanitary precautions, remote video production has become a norm. And my experience with testimonial videos came in handy.

For example, with business coach Susan Gatti, we filmed her using her iPhone 11. I was remotely directing her through a Zoom call using her tablet. We never use Zoom or Skype to record the video content, we ideally use a late model smart phone, and the results, frankly are amazing for both audio and video tracks. We even didn't have to use a lapel or external microphone here! We shot the ads both vertically and horizontally.

The ability to quickly shoot these messages remotely should be noted by every business. Because we don't have to send a crew on location, the costs of filming stay low, and turnaround times are faster too.

This is very exciting for everyone considering using more videos for their promotional needs.

What do you think? Does remote filming open up ideas for your business?

iPhone shot films by Steven Soderbergh:

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