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Why Are Testimonial Videos So Influential?

Why Are Testimonial Videos So Influential?

Did you know that getting visibility for you brand is half the battle? It seems that my reality is just one among so many, and sometimes what's fake looks more real than the real thing. So since we're having difficulty believing in anything, having the ability to prove people that what you do really works is pure gold, and that's the second half of the battle.

We have grown accustomed to look at the reviews before we make any decision to purchase something. If you're buying an electric toothbrush, and it has 4,347,341 thumbs up, you feel confident that you're buying something that works. You don't need to go through all the data or look under the hood. So for the buyer, credible customer reviews functions as a welcome time-saving hack.

Did I say "credible"? The issue with testimonials is that we don't trust as much as before. Many are generated by software or bought by the company.

The beauty of having testimonials on video is that you, the viewer, can tell if they are genuine or not. It's much easier to give a testimonial a stamp of authenticity when it's a video than a written one.

News Alert: At Alex Vachon Studios, we'll never hire actors to make fake testimonials. What we do is interview the user for their full story. Authentic and genuine portraying of the value of your product or service is in fact priceless. It will provide your company with the kind of true social proof that will move the needle in terms of client's interest, and sales.

You can use customer review video systems to get testimonials. Those can work if you're looking for an automated bulk approach, but I recommend the handcrafted testimonial video approach to highlight the great stories that stand out. Stories that will move. Joe Dispenza became a world-wide phenomenon by posting dozens of testimonial videos of his clients who were saved by his holistic meditations.

Check out our 2 testimonial videos, that we remotely shot for Trevor Blake, a person of humble beginnings who became a highly successful and respect serial entrepreneur. He created and sold businesses for more than $600 million.

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